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adrenalineshots in spn_gen_bb_help

Support group for the awesomness yet unclaimed

... which is exactly what the tittle says. Come, offer me your shoulder and I'll offer you mine while we wait for our babies to be picked by a team *g*


Nooooobody loves me.
Hehehehe! Et tu, superbadgirl? They just dont recognize the ubber awesomeness of our stories.

*offer shoulder*
I give you comfort as well, though I'd give you more if you weren't also an artist who didn't pick me.

ETA: The smiley face to let you know I was joking went away. I was just teasing! Er, *kicks internet*

Edited at 2011-07-20 10:08 pm (UTC)
Oh... bummer :(

I'm sure yours is just around the corner too :)

ETA: no worries ;) But I do feel bummed for not having picked yours. I had a couple of options... maybe yours was one of them...

Edited at 2011-07-20 10:11 pm (UTC)

I'm almost always the last picked, so I'm really not fretting that much. It would have been AWESOME to have more than one person show interest (and not even first-pick interest), but c'est la vie.
Hehehehe! Same here!

After seeing that mine was still there, I went searching for people's choices, thinking that maybe, somewhere, someone had had the slightest interest for it.



Hehe, I've been all, "Really? Really? But my story is sooooo wonderful, if only a fraction done..." all day.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't go into advertising. ;)
Sniff, sniff.
Come, come... you're welcome here *hugs you*

We will kick you out as soon as your story gets picked though *g*
::sniff:: waaaaaaaahhhh ::sniff::

Anyone have any tissues?
Donated a pint of blood and fought heavy traffic due to Manchester United being in town, and I'm STILL not claimed.

SBG has a sad.

;) I really AM going to be last picked!
;) I really AM going to be last picked!

I'll race ya! *g*
Nada for me either. Oh well...hands out hugs to all in the same vote. They're just saving the best for last! Yeah...that's it :)
They totally are!! Though, to be fair, I didn't put out the most informative of summaries *g*
Hehehe! I'm this close to start yelling 'pick me!' 'pick me!' at the top of my lungs *g*
Did you get picked? Did you, did you?
Nope... don't think I will *sigh*

But I'm very happy you were :)))) Did you talk with your artist yet?
I have to admit not getting the order in which these were snatched up (but I'm not an artist, so...), or why these last five are being unclaimed.


No, not yet. I've been swamped with work all afternoon.
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