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Jul. 8th, 2012

Kapital Nagi


Beta Request

Seeking beta for help with a title, consistency issues, plot, pacing, and characterization, and advice about gratuitous use of Eliot's poetry.

Genre: Pre-series, Teen!chesters; crossover with Gilmore Girls

Current length: 17k (subject to change upon editing).

Anyone willing to help, please comment on this post or PM me. Anyone who knows of a good place to otherwise advertise for betas, please let me know. I'm pretty new to the fandom and am looking to make friends.

Jun. 8th, 2012



New round at gsd_rtfn

Given that we have a few amazing folks who have already turned in stories, I know you're all at least ready to start on those minis, if not your big bangs. If you're looking to get some word counts onto those roughs, Round 31 just opened for sign-ups over at gsd_rtfn so go sign-up to get and give some writing motivation.

We'll also have a check in over here next week so you can all brag about how much writing you've gotten done ;) In the meantime, have fun with the writing!

May. 14th, 2012



New round open for sign-ups over at gsd_rtfn

For those of you precocious writers who already have your story ideas cooking, Round 30 has just opened for sign-ups over at gsd_rtfn, where you can share your writing progress and help encourage others with their stories.

I just left a message for the mods so they can put us on the their masterlist, but for any of you wondering - both the sharing of summaries and snippets and anything else you feel like sharing about your story is just fine. 

So go get some cheerleading and do some cheerleading yourself!

Oct. 3rd, 2011

Sam on the phone


HALP! LJ's attacking my formatting. ETA - FIXED.

Hi, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I'm actually pretty novice at LJ and HTML, so if someone can help me out here, that'd be great.
I'm trying to upload my BB on my LJ and whenever I copy/paste the words in (I've tried from Word and from Notebook), it looks fine for spacing, but as soon as I put it under a cut, or post, it loses my formatting and all the spaces in between paragraphs is lost. Is there a way to stop this? Do I need to manually put these in every time?!

ETA- NEVERMIND. I switched browser's and it seems to have helped. Thanks anyways!

Sep. 12th, 2011

bobby sam hug


11th hour beta

Anyone up for an 11th hour beta? The story is finally (mostly - last scene tweakage likely) finished. It's about 27,500 words in length, pretty straightforward casefic with some time travel and Dean going slightly unhinged.

It's already been looked at by my regular beta, but she's had some severe RL issues this summer and I wouldn't mind another set of eyes to read through for continuity (you know, those "wait a minute, what?!" moments) and typos. Despite the length, I don't think it'll be too bad!

I post on 4 October, so turnaround isn't vital unless someone tells me it's crap and I need an overhaul. ;)

Aug. 2nd, 2011



Beta Request.

Hi, I am just about done with my BB, and I'd like someone to look it over. It's currently JUST under 15,000 words, with a couple scenes not written in yet.

It's an early S1 AU, with lots of Sam pain.

Type of Beta: First and foremost, I need someone to check for typos and grammar issues. I'm usually pretty good with the mechanics, but in a work of this length, I know there must be plenty of mistakes!

I'd also like you to point out any plot inconsistencies or anything else about it that makes you unhappy.

Turnaround: It would be great if I could get it back within a couple weeks, so I can improve based on your criticisms.

Jul. 20th, 2011


Support group for the awesomness yet unclaimed

... which is exactly what the tittle says. Come, offer me your shoulder and I'll offer you mine while we wait for our babies to be picked by a team *g*

Jul. 17th, 2011



Intro Post

This community is open to discussing all things spn_gen_bigbang so if you're looking for story assistance, or just have something fun to share about your story or the love of gen, then this is the place! 

I added some tags to start things off, but if anyone is tag happy like me and is feeling the need for more, just let me know - and take a moment to appreciate the irony of the fact that the tag request post is un-tagged.